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True inspiration for sustainability and energy efficiency within the industrial sector

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True inspiration for sustainability and energy efficiency within the industrial sector

Together with you, we are creating a powerful platform where you can find and share your problems and ideas, learn new skills, find your experts and share your expertise. Be part of it to make industry sustainable.

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Learn about inspiring use cases of implemented energy efficient measures and sustainable design. Contact us to share your achievement and inspire others to make industry better.

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Find the topic you are interested in, learn from our experts, ask questions in our discussion group and get support. Want to become an expert and share your knowledge? us!

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Ask any questions and share your ideas and vision about sustainable production. Find likeminded people and connect easily without sharing your company profile or job title.

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How to become an Approved EnCo Practitioner

Energy Conscious Organizations

EnCO aims to engage, equip and empower organisations and energy professionals to enable significant energy savings through people. 

The EnCO initiative integrates employee engagement with technical opportunities to reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions to accelerate the journey to net zero emissions.

To gain the esteemed status of an ​Approved EnCO Practitioner there is an assessment process to

ensure quality and competence. 

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Elvira Rakova

"My goal is to show that energy efficiency and sustainability is fun and easy".


Paul Webb

“My mission is to have Energy Experts reaching out and holding hands across the world sharing knowledge. We all speak different languages, but we all speak the same language of saving carbon and saving our planet”.


Daniela Kruczynski

"My vision is to create a positive space for anyone interested in improving the way we use energy today and to provide reliable tools and resources help others grow."


Tracey Lane

"My mission is to create a more sustainable future within a positive space by utilizing subscription based services and harnessing the power of social media".