Our Story

Our story started on social media with a conversation on our expertise. Once we started talking, we realized that we had great connections who would come to us for recommendations on other experts in their niche. Our idea was to create a place where people could go to find these niche experts to learn from, ask questions, and solve problems regarding all things energy and sustainability.

Tree Pose

Our Name

After the concept of Aumlink was created we needed a name. We wanted something simple that had an impactful meaning. Some all encompassing word that described our idea to positively connect energy enthusiasts, experts, those "green" to the energy field, and those that just want to make the world a better place for future generations today.  When brainstorming, we described it as a powerful word that is positive, yet simple and well known in one form or another...we said something like "om" also known as "ohm" or "aum". Then there was no turning back as we couldn't get "aum" out of our head.

“Aum” is for unity and harmony, as used in yoga and meditation practice, also known as “om” or “ohm”.


“Link” is to connect people all around the world in the sustainability and energy field using the power of our community and technology.


It just so happened that www.aumlink.com was available and Aumlink Ltd was born.

Our Logo

During the sketching of a logo, there were several rough drafts. After a while of being frustrated there were many logos that ended up being "scribbled" out. It felt kind of nice to release that frustration. After many scribbles we thought, well, we are trying to create a place where people can go when they get frustrated and don't know where to go for help! 

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Our Team


Our Core Values


To be honest and have strong moral principles.

Life Long Learning

To be open minded to new technology and ideas. 

Active Listening

Always listen and treat people like people.


Transparent information with a positive outlook. 


Don’t be a competitor, be a collaborator. Learn from talking to others. 


Reliable sources .

What Next?
Student in Library


Check out our courses to test your knowledge!

Listening to Music


We air a new podcast every Friday with Paul Webb as a host. Listen to energy experts and how they are making a difference!



We are building a library of 'Contributor Articles' from our Aumlink Experts on all topics related to sustainability and energy!

Support Group


Our Expert Groups are chat room like communities that are led by an expert in that topic. Here you can chat, learn, network, and even join live events!