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Car-making factory
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House Construction

Construction to Combat Climate Change: Electrical Consumption in a Public Building in Auroville, South India

"Energy demand by public buildings is a decisive factor in climate change. Data from Architecture 2030 - - reveals that energy demand by public buildings, in the USA, for example, is more than industry and transportation combined. Increasingly hotter summers are leading to an increased consumption of air-conditioning the world over and especially in the tropics. Schools and universities in India, for instance, are installing air-conditioning on a large scale, which is increasing the energy demand in a seemingly never-ending cycle."

Article contact: Mita Radhakrishnan

Sustainability and energy efficiency programs in manufacturing with
Olivier Cloarec

Energy efficiency in manufacturing and the green revolution is usually associated with electrification and seems to be the only right path. How about numerous technologies that bring industrial processes in motion? Besides electric motors, hydraulics machines, and compressed air, there are many other technologies that are the heart of industrial processes. We spoke with the technical adviser from Artema, Olivier Cloarec, on how Artema supports the green path of manufacturing companies in France.

Typical Interventions in Behaviour Change Programmes

Eur Ing John Mulholland BScTech CEng CSci MIChemE FEI Director, Mulholland

This article covers different approaches that can be used for different organizations. The five intervention approaches described in this article are typical but there are many more. "The point is that in most organizations there are hidden untapped behavioural opportunities to save energy. Many are low cost with low paybacks. Behaviour should be an important element in every energy management strategy and make a major contribution to any zero emissions strategy."