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Aumlink Contributors of the Month

Thank you for all you do and we are happy to support your journey and goals!

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Ronald Mugaiga

Founder & CEO - Ecomak Recyclers • Savvy Fellow • Global Excellence Awards Top 40 CEOs of the Year 2021• New Vision 40 under 40 2021 • Mentor and Coach, TEF & Startups Without Borders • Country Head, Uganda - PeaceX

Biosystems Engineer, Winner - ChangeMakers Seed Funding 2022 by StartupXs, Finalist for the Social Shifters Global Innovation Challenge under the Climate Category, Speaker at the Social Enterprise World Forum 2021, Selected as one of the Global Excellence Awards - Top 40 CEOS of the year 2021 by Excellence Talks, and Featured in New Vision (Uganda's leading newspaper) 40 under 40 challenge 2021

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Emma Valahu

I help professionals in Eastern Europe attract International clients - Elevate your web presence (website & LinkedIn) and be the best English speaker in the room | Business Internationalisation Expert. Check out Emma's Aumlink Live Event workshop: Introducing Yourself.

You only get ONE chance to make a good impression. An effective and engaging ‘elevator pitch’ can help you make that perfect impression. During this workshop/webinar, learn the techniques and language you need to introduce yourself and your business to different audiences.

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Russ Bates

Founder at NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions | Solar + Battery Storage + Electric Vehicle Charging + Solar Light Poles | Helping businesses improve the bottom line and the environment.

"I'm inspired by many things when it comes to the clean energy revolution. My biggest inspiration is my wife and three beautiful step children. My goal is to leave the world cleaner and greener for them and each generation following." - Russ Bates

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Natasha Yamamura

Bunker Broker at Copemer

"I've been working about 15 years in the shipping industry where they produce about 30% of the global CO2. The next milestone of the industry is to achieve 40% of CO2 reduction by 2030. There are 3 main projects in place, build fuel efficient ships, replace the fuel with an alternative fuel and carbon offset projects. When I thought what could I do, I found kelp farmers that offset CO2. Kelp is eaten widely in Japan where I am originally from.
An acre (63m * 63m) kelp forest - which is relatively small- can remove 2.7 tons of CO2 a day. I hope this project will take off in different parts of the world - areas where we can actively start removing CO2!"
-Natasha Yamamura

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Nicolas Ashton

Rfusion upplies and designs tomorrows, renewable energy, network communications, cognitive observation, network disruption, security products and forward thinking services.
Rfusion has the experience, connections and products to bring your vision to life – on schedule and on budget. If you have a problem that no one else has been able to solve please contact us here, Rfusion can help. We provide empathy to your requirements and sound engineering.